Michael E. DREW

Michael E. DREW  

Michael is an internationally renowned thought leader in the field of superannuation and pension fund design.  In addition to senior academic appointments, Michael has held Executive and Trustee Committee appointments with the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) Limited, QSuper, Wilson HTM and J.B. Were & Son.  Michael’s research has studied and developed new approaches to the design of the default option in defined contribution funds, as well as devising winning strategies for lifecycle and target date funds. In 2009, Michael was invited to appear before a joint hearing of the US Department of Labor and the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington DC where he presented testimony relating to his research on target date funds.  Michael’s research on superannuation was extensively cited by the recent Cooper Review, and has been widely cited by industry, academic, regulatory and government agencies. Michael has completed numerous consulting projects, including research for the United Nations Council for Trade and Development.  In 2011, Michael was awarded the Finsia (Financial Services Institute of Australasia) Pinnacle Award for Most Outstanding Thought Leader to celebrate 125 years for the peak industry body.

Michael Drew 昆士兰大学博士 
Michael在养老金和退休金领域是国际著名的思想领导者。除了高级的学术任命,Michael曾在Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) Limited, QSuper, Wilson HTM 和 J.B. Were & Son公司执行和董事委员会工作。迈克尔已经研究并发展新的方法来为定额供款基金设计预设选项,同时也为生命周期和目标日期基金修改了制胜战略。2009年,Michael被美国华盛顿劳工部和证券交易委员会邀请参与联合听证会,他提出了关于其对目标日期基金的研究。Michael的研究在近期的Cooper Review、业界、学术界、监管机构和政府得到了广泛的运用。Michael已经完成了很多项目,包括研究联合国安理会的贸易和发展。2011年,Michael被FINSIA(澳大利亚金融服务协会)授予杰出思想领袖品尼高奖,以庆祝FINSIA成为业界最高机构125周年。